Tank Level Monitoring

Brad Hall Fuel offers advanced tank monitoring technology that enables real-time tracking of fuel levels in above- and below-ground tanks, ranging in capacity from one hundred to one million gallons. Our system is highly reliable, regardless of the liquid type, bulk density variances, or barometric pressure. With the help of our mobile and web apps, our team can monitor your tanks remotely and send alerts when fuel prices are favorable for purchasing. We can also analyze historical data to forecast demand and avoid runouts, and our mobile app and web access provide easy access to real-time information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Environmental Compliance Reporting

Many customers report difficulties with DEQ compliance. To solve this problem, we developed an online application that stores and organizes your data. This app can be used for one or dozens of locations. It centralizes important documents such as training certificates, insurance certificates, site maps, and contact information. Additionally, it provides a companion phone application that guides you through station walkthroughs and documents required maintenance with photos. This application helps you quickly prepare reports for DEQ inspections and can tie into ATGs to automate report generation.

Customer Portal

You can access and download crucial information such as credit card settlements, EFT notices, price notifications, and transactions from our customer portal. Moreover, you can conveniently place orders online. Our REST service allows the transmission of your data into DTN or other proprietary systems. We are committed to making the experience of working with Brad Hall & Associates as frictionless as possible.

Trucking Automation and Support

Freightbooks is an online application that fuel haulers use to get real-time delivery updates. This system is automated with Brad Hall Fuel systems, providing our customers with paperless capabilities. Our team also helps other fuel distributors get set up with the application to enjoy additional benefits such as GPS tracking, electronic logs, dispatching, and maintenance recording.

Doing Business Efficiently.