Fuel Distributors

Brad Hall Fuel has years of experience adding value to our partner fuel-distributors. Our partners are able to leverage our diversity of supply, brands, and distribution points, to meet their customer needs at a greater profit. We offer a rack forward purchasing program that gives fuel distributors more control. Our buying power makes us a primary source for many distributors and a reliable backup for others. Through our technology and experience we are able to provide additional support on matters of taxes, accounting, and inventory controls.

Purchasing Made Easy

Brad Hall Fuel makes rack forward purchasing an easy option for fuel distributors. Fuel spot prices are communicated daily. The quoted price follows fuel market indexes so distributors can know when the best times are to replenish their fuel inventory. By partnering with us, fuel distributors can maintain price stability and leverage the benefits of pricing differences between markets through arbitrage. Brad Hall is a valuable resources to ensure fuel distributors have the gasoline, diesel, LNG and other fuels they need, when they need them, at a great value.

Greater Buying Power

Brad Hall has relationships with nearly every major fuel refiner in the United States. Leveraging our diverse supply network is a smart idea for any fuel distributors large or small. Because our operations span the country, we can source fuel at a lower prices. This distributed network also allows fuel distributors to circumvent regional shortages that can disrupt business for their customers. We pride ourselves for working hard for our fuel-distributor partners.

More than Fuel

We want to help our partners sell more fuel and to be more profitable. To this end, we help other fuel distributors with our experience and technology in a broad range of areas, including:

Tank Monitoring Systems:

  • Electronic BOL Management
  • Electronic Driver Logs
  • Electronic Invoice Delivery
  • Automatic DTN Feed Setup
  • Environmental Compliance Support
  • Tax Understanding
  • Tax Filing and Resolution

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