Other Fuels and Additives

Brad Hall Fuel has the supply relationships and production capabilities to bring you propane, alternative fuels, blended fuels, or the additives and expertise to help you blend your own fuels to meet regulatory or performance requirements. Regardless of the size of your operation, we can deliver you the product you need with industry leading service and competitive pricing.


Brad Hall Fuel offers bulk propane (LPG) for rack customers at dozens of supply points across the United States. We communicate a spot prices to our rack customers daily.

We also provide bulk deliveries for tanks ranging in size from 5,000 to 60,000 gallons. All grades of propane from field grade to Y grade are available for delivery. Brad Hall has the allocations to be a reliable supplier for your propanes needs. We purchase in bulk and pass on those savings to our wholesale distributors.

Smaller volume purchasing of propane within Idaho, can be made through our partner company, LP Propane. In addition to propane, they provide tanks, generators, heaters, weed burners, and fireplaces.


We supply diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) in bulk. DEF, an emissions control liquid injected into the exhaust stream, is also available to help you meet emission standards on all of your diesel engines.

Many fuel retailers and distributors like enhanced octane in their fuel product to give customers quality fuel while saving on costs. We offer Toluene, an octane booster, as part of our fuel programs. It can be shipped in bulk to any location like our other fuel products.

Just as with all of the fuels we supply, you can expect to receive fuel additives at a cost that makes the most sense for your business. We are here to help you succeed. We will do what it takes to serve our customers in the right way.


Brad Hall Fuel offers ethanol products for sale in bulk quantities, and has the logistics capacity to deliver these fuels across the United States. We have over a decade of experience blending ethenol. We blend over 50 million gallons of ethanol, sub-grade gasoline, and bio-diesel a year at our own company’s products terminals. Our team is available to help you with your blending and RIN management programs.


If you need to purchase high quality kerosene for commercial use contact Brad Hall Fuel. Kerosene can be used in many commercial, agricultural and industrial operations. It is an effective solvent for removing chain grease and other petroleum products. It can act as a lubricant and it is even an effective cooling agent in oxygen-free metal production and treatment.

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