the beginning

Brad Hall Fuel is a leading petroleum distributor based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Founded in 1992, we serve customers located throughout the United States. Our customers range from local family-owned businesses to multi-national Fortune 500 companies. We supply branded and unbranded fuels and chemicals to a wide spectrum of retail, wholesale, commercial, agricultural, and government customers.

Adding Value

“We want to add value to your business. We want our customers to know us, to like us, and to trust us. Our customers know us by our personal interest in their business and their families. Our customers like us as we develop strategies to enhance their business and work with relentless drive to execute those strategies. We gain our customers trust by putting them first, working hard on their behalf, and finding solutions to make their business better. Our family business started with a single full-service gas station led by a man with a vision and a lot of hard work. We are a full service company that understands our customers challenges and loves our customers success. We want your business and we want you to know it.”

Logan Hall President

Working For You

Our focus is on helping each customer succeed. Integrity, honesty, safety and hard work drive every aspect of what we do. Nothing is more important to us than you and your business. We want your trust and will do everything in our power to earn it.

Brad Hall Fuel is fuel driven and people driven. We are the people you know, the people you like and the people you trust. Our main goal will always be to provide you with effective cost solutions designed to enable your business to be strong and healthy both now and down the road.