Fuel Retailers

Brad Hall Fuel has decades of experience supporting hundreds of branded and unbranded fuel retailers. This experience enables us to provide support above and beyond the typical fuel marketer. From selecting the right fuel program, to effectively marketing your location, our team will work hard to help your business grow.

Diverse Fuel Programs

Because Brad Hall Fuel distributes many of the premiere fuel brands, as well as unbranded gasoline and diesel, we are better positioned to help our customers select the right fuel program for their business, not just ours. In helping you select that program, we look at supply situations, market conditions, consumer trends, competitors, local demographics and brand value to create a fuel program that makes sense for you as a fuel retailer. Furthermore, our diverse distributor relationships minimize the risks of outages and maximize our ability to work across multiple markets to remain more competitive on prices we deliver to you.

Technical and Marketing Support

Running a successful fuel retail operation requires far more than gasoline or diesel delivered at competitive rates. Our dedicated branding and marketing support team assists hundreds of branded sites/retailers with real-world needs, including: image complience, image upgrades & improvements, technology improvements, compliance, mystery shop programs, customer complaints, sales programs, and promoting commercial fleet programs. If you need help upgrading your payment systems, purchasing new tanks/pumps, or monitoring your fuel levels in real-time, we help with that too. We’re interested in much more than selling you fuel, we’re interested in helping you grow your business.

Growing Profitability​

Your location may benefit from the revenue generation of a restaurant, or through simplified grocery distribution. You may be able to increase your profit on each transaction with improved card processing rates, or increase customer loyalty with a rewards program. These are all areas where we can help independent fuel retailers, or growing retail chains, maximize the revenue they generate from each location.

Maximize Your Revenue.