Commercial Fleet Operators

If you’re fueling a commercial fleet, we offer great “behind-the-fence” fueling options. We tailor our fleet programs to fit the needs of your business. Let us evaluate your situation and provide you with a bid that provides the savings, security, and controls that you are looking for.

Customized Fuel Programs

In order to better serve our commercial fleet operators, Brad Hall Fuel provides customized fuel contracts in order to offer prices that make sense for each customer’s needs. We have built a strong network of supply relationships across the United States, making it easier for us to offer you supply options and lets us accurately monitor and forecast prices, so we can help you always buy the fuel you need at the right time. When it comes to finding the right fuel, Brad Hall Fuel can tailor a program to fit your needs. We offer premium branded and unbranded gasoline. We offer all grades of diesel and bio-diesel. Whether you need winterized diesel or are just searching for the right premium grade, we have the supply relationships and buying power to set you up with exactly what you need. If your vehicles run on liquid natural gas, we can take care of your LNG needs as well. We have different logistical capabilities to supply competitively no matter where you are located. We can supply via truck, rail, and water, so you keep your supply stock up to acceptable level. Providing fuel at the best value for you drives what we do. No one works harder to get you what you need at a time and price that works best for your needs.

Capital and Tools to Succeed

Brad Hall Fuel can also take care of infrastructure needs for your commercial business. If you need something as simple as new fuel tanks, or need to do more comprehensive site improvements, we’re here to help. We offer financing programs to help support your infrastructure improvements.

Monitoring and control are very important to our commercial-fleet customers. We can provide fleet software that gives management total control of their fleet and a clear picture into how their fleet is operating. We also provide tank monitoring solutions that enable them to plan their purchases for when market conditions offer the best prices.

customize Your
Fleet Programs.