Brad Hall Fuel sells hundreds-of-millions of gallons of branded and unbranded gasoline each year. We are a leading fuel marketer because customers know we can be counted on to get them the fuel they need safely and reliably, but also that we will work hard to meet their unique fuel needs.

Branded and Unbranded Fuel

We are proud to represent many quality fuel brands and are driven to offer the right brand option to provide the best results for our customers unique business model and competitive environment. Since we have more brand options, we can build a fuel program that fits every customer’s needs. What we do is evaluate your location and brand competition and then decide what program is the best fit for you. We are focused on offering quality brands with multiple supply points, so that you can get an edge on your competition.

In addition to unbranded fuel programs, we offer a selection of the best quality top-tier gasoline brands available on the market, including: Alon, Chevron, Cenex, Exxon, Mobil, Conoco, Phillips, 76, Shell, Sinclair, Tesoro, and Texaco.

Better Gasoline Pricing​

Our diverse supply relationships make it easier for us to deliver you a better price on fuel throughout the year. In addition to our vast supply relationships, we also offer unique pricing models to meet the needs of our customers, including: fixed forward pricing, index based pricing, lower-of pricing, rack discounts, rebates, and more.

We monitor the markets and fuel indexes, so we can provide you pricing information to help you make a more informed choice. Our team monitors price arbitrage between markets and delivers savings to you. Our fuel monitoring systems let you forecast your fuel needs, so you buy when prices are low.

Infrastructure and Technology

In retail situations, technological upgrades are often necessary. In other instances, better technology can smooth operations and minimize outages. We can make it easier to finance these upgrades. From installing chip card readers at fuel dispensers to putting in new LED lighting under your canopies, Brad Hall Fuel offers capital expenditure programs to help customers like you upgrade their business. We look forward to helping you make improvements at your location to keep your business thriving into the future.

Fuel Logistics​

Our philosophy is simple. Safe delivery of your fuel matters above all else. We make safety our top priority. We strive to deliver in a safe and effective manner that will not disrupt your business. We have different logistical capabilities to supply competitively no matter where you are located. Brad Hall Fuel can supply via truck, rail and water, so you can always keep your supply stock at an acceptable level.