Diesel/ Bio-Diesel

If you need diesel to keep your business running smooth, Brad Hall Fuel has the solutions to make it easier for you to get the diesel products you need at the prices you need. We sell hundreds-of-millions of gallons of diesel each year. We understand that fuel retailers, industrial operations, public utilities and others rely on a steady supply of diesel to avoid disruptions to their business.

Pure and Blended Diesel

Our diversity of supply, and ability to deliver, makes turning to Brad Hall Fuel for your diesel an easy decision. We can procure all grades of diesel to serve your needs. This includes everything from premium grade diesel to winterized diesel. If you want a cleaner burning variety of diesel, you can also purchase all grades of pure or blended bio-diesel. We blend over 50 million gallons of ethanol, sub-grade gasoline, and bio-diesel a year at our own products terminals. Our team is available to help you with your blending and RIN management programs. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), an emissions control liquid injected into the exhaust stream, is also available to help you meet emission standards. We supply both bulk and packaged quantities of DEF.

Greater Reach

Brad Hall Fuel has supply agreements with nearly every majory refiner, shipper, and pipeline in the United States and monitors price arbitrage between markets. This means we can offer a better price and more consistent supply through our skilled transportation fleet and logistics team. We strive for safe and efficient deliveries to your locations. Our logistical capabilities are second to none. We can supply your diesel via truck, rail, and water. This makes it easier for you to keep your inventory of diesel at an acceptable level. Safe deliveries of your diesel are always our top priority. When you do business with Brad Hall Fuel, you can always expect to have diesel loaded and transported safely to your location and unloaded just as safely. Let us take care of supplying your diesel or bio-diesel, so you can feel assured that you will get your fuel when you need it, where you need it, and at the price you need.

Supplying YOUR