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We want to add value to your business. We want our customers to know us, to like us, and to trust us. Our customers know us by our personal interest in their business and their families.

Idaho Falls Office

Logan Hall


Jerrad Thompson

VP of Finance/Credit

Morgan McIntire

A/R Manager

Lacey Johnson

Invoice/ Processing Manager

Cole Hall


James Barnes

Director – Sales and Customer Support

Steve Kornman

Executive Director – Supply

East Region

Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Robin Harper

Customer Support

Zack Wengert

Area Sales Rep – Texas

Devon Newquist

Area Sales Rep – Texas

Rick Jones

Area Sales Rep – Tennessee

Michael O'Donnell

Inside Sales Manager East

Susanne Morrissette

Project Manager

Connor Egbert

Area Sales Rep – Texas

Virgil Howard

Area Sales Rep – Tennessee

James Archer

Area Sales Rep – Texas

Amanda Randazzo

Sales Account Representative

West Region

Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Ricky Mitchell

Sales and Customer Support Lead

Justin Sego

Area Sales Rep – Arizona

Jordan Sermon

Area Sales Rep – Idaho

Colby Phillips

Area Sales Rep – New Mexico

Spencer Toone

Area Sales Rep – Nevada

Bryan Hinze

Area Sales Rep – Wyoming

Corbin Chamberlain

Area Sales Rep – Colorado

Ryan Cooper

Area Sales Rep – Arizona

Jacob Hebdon

Area Sales Rep – Arizona

Nick Foutz

Area Sales Rep – New Mexico

Jason Allee

Area Sales Rep – Nevada

Max Grider

Area Sales Rep – Utah

Strategic Sales​

Jeff Cooper

Manager – Strategic and Inside Sales

Colby Pearson

Strategic Sales – National

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