Learn how partnering with Brad Hall Fuel will drive your success


We are Driven to be a true partner with our customers. We fuel our customers success with a fully integrated supply and delivery network, access to the industries most valuable brands, and the hardest working team in the industry.


Brad Hall Fuel has the supply relationships and manufacturing capabilities to provide you with gasoline, diesel, additives, oil field chemicals, lubricants, technology, and expertise to keep your operations running smoothly. Regardless of the size of your operation, we can provide the product you require while providing industry-leading service and competitive pricing.


Brad Hall Fuel has years of experience adding value to our fuel retailer, distributor, commercial fleet operator, agricultural, industrial, public, military, and oil field operator partners. Our partners can meet their customers’ needs at a higher profit by leveraging our diverse supply, brands, and distribution points. We can provide additional assistance with taxes, accounting, and inventory controls due to our technology and experience.

about us

Brad Hall Fuel is a leading petroleum distributor based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Founded in 1992, we serve customers located throughout the United States. Our customers range from local family-owned businesses to multi-national Fortune 500 companies. We supply branded and unbranded fuels and chemicals to a wide spectrum of retail, wholesale, commercial, agricultural, and government customers.


Our primary goal is to assist each customer in reaching their goals. Every aspect of what we do is driven by integrity, honesty, safety, and hard work. Nothing matters more to us than you and your company. We value your trust and will do everything possible to earn it.