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Directory of Key Personnel

James Barnes Sales & Branding Support Manager 208.523.6582 x1032 jbarnes@bradhallfuel.com
Todd Cash Area Sales Rep, Southwest 505.803.0933 toddcash@bradhallfuel.com
Clayton Cook Area Sales Rep, Rocky Mountain West 435.229.8467 claytoncook@bradhallfuel.com
Nick Foutz Area Sales Rep, Southwest 505.514.1718 nfoutz@bradhallfuel.com
Michelle Griffin Lead A/R Coordinator 208.523.6582 x1022 mgriffin@bradhallfuel.com
Bryan Hinze Area Sales Rep, Rocky Mountain North 307.899.2014 bryanhinze@bradhallfuel.com
Dale Hinze Area Sales Rep, Rocky Mountain North 307.899.2011 dhinze@bradhallfuel.com
Lacey Johnson A/R Coordinator 208.523.6582 x1021 laceyj@bradhallfuel.com
Lita Longacre Sales & Branding Support 505.243.6789 llongacre@bradhallfuel.com
Dan Mortensen Government Accounts Manager 720.262.2051 x703 dmortensen@bradhallfuel.com
Tina Kite Government A/R Lead 208.523.6582 x1046 tkite@bradhallfuel.com
Steve Kornman Director of Supply 208-313-1267 skornman@bradhallfuel.com
Justin Sego Area Sales Rep, Southwest 505.331.3328 jwsego@bradhallfuel.com
Jordan Sermon Area Sales Rep, Rocky Mountain 208.243.0208 jsermon@bradhallfuel.com
Jerrad Thompson VP of Finance 208.523.6582 jt@bradhallfuel.com
Justin Walker Area Sales Rep, Rocky Mountain 503.927.1390 jwalker@bradhallfuel.com