Liquid Natural Gas

Natural Gas is quickly becoming one the most abundant, affordable, and reliable sources of energy available. With nearly 60 percent less carbon emissions than other leading sources of electricity generation, natural gas is poised to have a significant role in the world’s ongoing energy make-up. Brad Hall is a nationwide distributor of liquid natural gas. Through its sister company, Terra NRG, and their cutting-edge technology, natural gas can now be liquified on locations where it would otherwise go to waste. Together we can enable natural gas to fuel your operations in more places than ever before.

LNG Distribution

Brad Hall Fuel has the supply and logistical capabilities to deliver liquid natural gas by truck or rail across the United States. We work hard to ensure our customers are supplied with the fuel they need to keep their operation running. As with our other fuel products, our team is constantly monitoring markets to ensure we deliver fuel at the best price to our customers, whether to power a commercial fleet or to fuel a mining operation.

On-site Liquefaction

Through our sister-company, Terra NRG, customers are transforming waste into profit. This is through a state-of-the-art mini-liquefaction process that captures flare gas and converts it into high-value liquid natural gas on-site. The availability of this technology is revolutionizing the ways that natural gas can be used in locations where freight costs would have made natural gas cost-prohibitive as a fuel. On-site liquefaction is powering trains, ships, trucks, and equipment at a reduced environmental impact while saving customers millions. From liquefaction to re-gasification, Terra NRG provides the full capabilities to make this possibility a reality.

The Natural way of doing business.